Project GreenLight

Project GreenLight
Dr. Gregory Hidley California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology, UCSD
DC Modular Datacenter for *Improved Energy Efficiency
Presented at the Data Center Efficiency Summit, San Jose, CA, October 14, 2010
GreenLight Data Collection Architecture
Data collection architecture overview by Ingolf Krueger, Claudiu Farcas, 2010
GreenLight CENIC Award
GreenLight project overview for CENIC Awards, March 2009
Energy Efficiency in Large Scale Systems
June 2010 presentation by GreenLight researcher Tajana Rosing on her project research on system energy efficiency.
GreenLight: GLIF 2009
Tom DeFanti's 2009 presentation to the GLIF conference on Project GreenLight
GreenLight Overview for Minority Serving Institute Workshop
Tom DeFanti's presentation of GreenLight to the Calit2 hosted MSI workshop
GreenLight Project Overview
GreenLight project overview slides from Greg Hidley, February 25, 2009.