Cinegrid Exchange

Research Overview

Lead Researchers:  Tom DeFanti, Research Scientist, Calit2, Larry Smarr, Director and Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, Calit2, Jeanne Ferrante, Associate Dean, Jacobs School of Engineering, UC San Diego

CineGrid is a member-supported non-profit organization, started at Calit2, focused on the production, use and exchange of very-high-quality digital media over photonic networks. The University of Amsterdam, Tokyo's Keio University, and Toronto's Ryerson University are working with UCSD to establish the CineGrid Exchange, which will rely on the GreenLight Instrument to guide plans to establish a functional, energy-efficient, electronic distribution service for standard TV, HDTV and 4K (4xHDTV) content. This will be offered to the ACM SIGGRAPH Video Review. We want to know, for each of the following topics as examples, what is the cost (in hardware/software procurement) and network and energy consumption of:

  • Making available 200 TB of JPEG2000, Bayer pattern raw camera 4K,and TIFF files, in such a way that the often used edited materials are quickly accessible, but the raw materials migrate to archives; 
  • JPEG2000 compressing an hour of 4K; de-Bayering an hour of 4K; 
  • FPGA and GPU and hybrid compression algorithms ; 
  • Streaming two hours of 4K with 5.1 audio; streaming 100-megapixel tiled displays; and 
  • Restoring an hour of 4K (scratch removal, color and geometry correction, etc.). 

Cisco has provided substantial research support and inter/intrastate networking resources for CineGrid, including 3x10GE and 5 switches on the National LambdaRail (NLR) between Los Angeles, Sunnyvale, Seattle, Chicago and the DC-area, and transponders and a switch to reach Calit2.

Technical White Papers

CineGrid 2010